Hyperpigmentation is a concern for many of our clients.  Hyperpigmentation is generally harmless, and is caused by the darkening of excessive melanin.  Generally hyper pigmentation shows up as freckles, sun spots, redness of the skin, broken capillaries and photo damage.  Over time, as our skin is exposed to the sun these spots appear and can darken.  Some other causes of hyper pigmentation may result from  various drug use, including some antibiotics or hormones, which can cause melasma.

What can I do to treat my hyperpigmentation?

Eternal Beauty Skin and Laser offers IPL treatments to treat hyper-pigmentation and redness or flushing of the face caused by conditions such as Rosacea.  You can also treat hyper-pigmentation with medical grade skincare products from Skinmedica or Obagi.  Chemical peels or microneedling treatments are also other options to even out skin tone and improve hyper-pigmentation.  Our staff can assist you choosing the best option for your skin.




Benefits of IPL treatment include:

Diminished freckles, sunspots, redness/flushing, red facial veins, and rosacea

Increased collagen production

Diminished fine lines

Reduces large pores

Even skin tone

What areas do we treat with IPL?

Face, Neck, Chest, and Hands